1. - 3. Februar 2018

Trondheim Sentrum

Norway Calling: Artist Pitch

Clarion Livingroom 4

Norway Calling is a brand new concept we’re introducing at Trondheim Calling 2017. 7 export ready Norwegian artists along with their Norwegian set up will get a unique opportunity to showcase themselves to a selection of international music industry professionals.

Every artist gets to make their own 3 minute pitch in front of all the visiting international delegates. The pitch can also be done by the artist’s representative. The whole session is open to the conference audience.

After the pitch every artist gets to meet several of the international professionals for one on one-sessions.

Having heard the pitch and met the artists, the international guest then choose two artists each that they commit to see live at Trondheim Calling 2017 and give feedback to after the festival.

The 7 participating artists are:

Agy (FOREST mgmt, Mano Music), Dreamarcher (Indie Recordings), Elsa & Emilie (Artist Vision, Sony Music, Polar Artist), Ludvig Moon (Riot Factory, ArtistPartner), Henrik The Artist (Mandelbaum Management), Fröder (Toothfairy / Sony Music, JS Artist) and Hajk (Jansen Plateproduksjon).